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Oh, Madeira. The Nectar of the Founding Fathers.

We know there were plenty of bottles of Madeira inventoried from the wine cellars of our early founders. In the inventory of Frank Lee at Menokin, he had a “pipe” of Madeira, plus 14 dozen ditto bottles, 3 dozen bottles of Port, a dozen bottles of Old Spirit, 13 bottles of Malm (Madeira wine), 2 dozen bottles of Cyder, 20 gallons of old Rum, and 20 gallons of Whiskey.

On her blog, WWJD* – What Would Julia Drink?, Julia Pearson and Bartholomew Broadbent share an educational, entertaining and tasty conversation about the history, traditions and qualities of Madeira. Thanks, Julia and Bartholomew. Now we know that there was always a good party in the Menokin household.

Watch the video: Episode no.2 – Bartholomew Broadbent discusses Madeira

Image courtesy of Broadbent
Image courtesy of Broadbent



Vault Field Vineyards Hosts Museum Event


On June 3rd, Vault Field Vineyards hosted an event put on by Westmoreland County Museum in tribute to its members.  The event was organized by Museum Educational Program Director, Alice French, and was complete with live piano performance by Beth Parker.  Around 30 members attended and enjoyed tastings of Vault Field’s wines, as well as a tour of the vineyard and winery.

The property was purchased in 2004 by Keith and Joanne Meenan who now operate the vineyard and winery with the help of their son, Dan.  The family planted their first 4,000 vines in 2005, their second 4,000 in 2006, and celebrated their first vintage at the end of 2006.  The processing of the grapes and wine, as well as the bottling, is done entirely on site.  Between the three of them and the help of a few seasonal workers, they produce between 1,600 and 1,700 cases…

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