Oh, Madeira. The Nectar of the Founding Fathers.

We know there were plenty of bottles of Madeira inventoried from the wine cellars of our early founders. In the inventory of Frank Lee at Menokin, he had a “pipe” of Madeira, plus 14 dozen ditto bottles, 3 dozen bottles of Port, a dozen bottles of Old Spirit, 13 bottles of Malm (Madeira wine), 2 dozen bottles of Cyder, 20 gallons of old Rum, and 20 gallons of Whiskey.

On her blog, WWJD* – What Would Julia Drink?, Julia Pearson and Bartholomew Broadbent share an educational, entertaining and tasty conversation about the history, traditions and qualities of Madeira. Thanks, Julia and Bartholomew. Now we know that there was always a good party in the Menokin household.

Watch the video: Episode no.2 – Bartholomew Broadbent discusses Madeira

Image courtesy of Broadbent
Image courtesy of Broadbent



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