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Good Will and Happy Hunting

The holiday season is the time for goodwill and giving, and remembering those less fortunate than we are.
What has now become an annual tradition, members of the Wheelin’ Sportmen came to Menokin on November 7th for a hunt under the coordination of Robin Clark, and our neighbor Ford Becker.
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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Pilgrims or Planters. You decide.

A hearty “Hear! Hear!” and pass the gravy on this call to action for Virginia to claim her rightful spot as the birthplace of the first Thanksgiving. Weigh in and let us know with whom you stand – the pilgrims or the planters?

Virginia Museum of History & Culture's Blog

Let’s have a heart to heart about Thanksgiving. I fully admit that I am not taking the most historically accurate or rational view on this debate, but I do feel that Virginia has to stake its claim to the first Thanksgiving. You can argue over the earliest date for Thanksgiving in the colonies or whether the celebration became an annual event where it occurred. Virginia is perceived as the underdog in this fight, so we need to take our argument to a national level. Now, to clarify, what I am referring to is the first Christian Thanksgiving in British North America. Thanksgivings have taken place in many cultures for thousands of years before it became popular in the British colonies. To complicate matters further, there are those who argue that the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine, Florida, held the first Thanksgiving. However, my battle is with the Pilgrims of Massachusetts…

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