Jones’n for the Joneses

Ever meet someone (or more than one someone, like a family of someones) who you instantly connect with, like a lot and wish you could spend more time with?

That happened here at Menokin yesterday, when the front door opened and in walked the Joneses. Actually, they streamed in, in random dribs and drabs, until they were finally all assembled — Granddad, Mom, Dad and five kids.

The first thing I asked (when a family with five kids visit on a school day) was “Is your school closed for Veteran’s Day?”

“No,” they replied. “We’re home schooled.” Turns out they are from St. George, Utah and are on a road trip.

JonesIt only took me a moment to realize that they were all wearing T-shirts sporting the same logo. Dad designed the logo for the shirts. It took me (embarrassingly enough) a lot longer to figure out that Jones was their last name. But they didn’t hold it against me.

We’re the Jones…Nice to meet you. All 7 of us are going out to find the great things in America; Great People, Great Places, and Finding Great Service Projects. Its has been a blast so far, and we have found more than we planned.

(From the family blog.)

Turns out that Granddad lives in Reedville. But they had heard about Menokin and considered it worthy to be included in their list of Great Places.

Part of their goal is to participate in and provide community service wherever possible. They cheerfully went to work picking up and restacking  brick pavers that have been spread out around the property of the years. Along the way they asked about Menokin and the Lees and Tayloes, and learned about what we’re doing here.

The-Joneses_webI tried to convince them to stay just a little while longer in the Northern Neck, but the road was calling. (I did get an invite from the youngest, asking if I would like to come along.)

I hope that we made as big an impression on them as they did on us. I must say that today, I’m Jones’n for the Jones. Safe travels!




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  1. Oh and we are Jones’n you right back we had so much FUN!!!! It was AWESOME…. the house was super cool to see, and it was really fascinating to learn about the families that lived there previously.

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