Menokin Welcomes The Wheelin’ Sportsmen

Menokin played host recently to the Virginia State Chapter of the Wheelin’ Sportsmen (VAWS). Our 500-acre property and handicap-accessible Visitor’s Center were a perfect fit for this intrepid and good-humored gang of hunters.

Robin_Clark_IMG_4583The Volunteer State Coordinator of VAWS, Robin Clark, along with local sportsman and volunteer, Ford Becker, coordinated the event which brought this group to Menokin to take advantage of the last day of turkey season and the opening day of deer season in early November.

VAWS is the largest and most active Wheelin’ Sportsmen program in the country, with roughly 400 members and over 35 annual events statewide. These events are open to anyone with a disability and there is no charge to participate. VAWS is part of the National Turkey and Wildlife Federation’s (NTWF) Hunting Heritage Programs.

Wheelin’ Sportsmen was designed to provide all people with disabilities the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Participants gain a sense of independence by learning to stay active in the outdoors. Event participants can enjoy activities like hunting, fishing and shooting. In addition to local chapter events, Wheelin’ Sportsmen hosts an assortment of other national events.

The Menokin Foundation was pleased to make our property available for these hunters.

If you have a disability, or have a friend or family member with a disability, and would like to participate in a VAWS event, please contact Robin Clark at 434-249-6154 or at

You can also find Wheelin’ Sportsmen events going on in other states here.