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Here’s What Geocachers Are Saying About Menokin

Geocaching_logoI have read about this place. Never knew I would make it here. Thanks so much! Awesome place and enjoyed the walk and history!


Geocaching_logoMenokin was definitely on our to-do list. It was better than we anticipated. We had the muggle-free run of the place.


Geocaching_logoI finally made it down to Menokin. I have been wanting to visit this site for some time now. Nice location.


Geocaching_logoI’ve seen these caches on my maps for many months and glad to finally get here. This area is nothing like I imagined.


Geocaching_logoIt was difficult to find a cache for this county that didn’t take us completely out of our way. But reading this cache description, we knew this would be the perfect place to stop. We checked out the visitors center as well, and found the volunteer to be extremely helpful and friendly. We are already planning a return trip.


Geocaching_logoI am having a great time walking the grounds here.