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Dominion Volunteers Energize Menokin

Recently we told you about the generous grant from Dominion Energizing Communities that was shared with Menokin through the Friends of the Rappahannock.

img_4168At 7:30 on Tuesday morning of this week, their trucks rolled in and the volunteers went to work. To say that Menokin was buzzing is not an exaggeration. Table saws, power tools and happy, hard working people made quick work of the prearranged list of projects to benefit Menokin and our visitors.

I was thrilled to find that – upon my arrival at 8:30 – the transformation of a dog kennel into a covered pavilion was already completed. Later in the day one of the newly constructed benches made its way into the space and is ready for use.


Over by the house, a team was busy at work re-roofing our storage shed. Others were steadily cutting lumber (generously donated by Wood Preservers of Warsaw) into patterns for tables and benches, while the next group assembled the pieces into furniture.

img_4176  img_4187


After all of their hard work was completed the team leaders brought in pizza and homemade desserts and invited the Menokin staff and trustees to share. Most of the volunteers joined me for a tour of the house and learned more about the history and rehabilitation of Menokin.

img_4164    img_4160

So next time you’re walking the trail to Cat Point Creek and pause to rest on a bench; or have a picnic lunch by the house or the water; or sit to reflect on the on the lives of theimg_8069-jpg enslaved people who worked the land; thank the volunteers of the Dominion Foundation for making your visit to Menokin a little more comfortable.

We would also like to thank our Menokin volunteers Kirwan King and Ben Rennolds for picking up and hauling all of the lumber and building supplies for the project. Thanks, guys!