(Almost) Lost America: Menokin, Richmond County, Virginia.

History blogger, Sean Munger, offers some west coast insight on Menokin – all the way from Oregon. Thanks, Sean!


Unlike the two previous entries I’ve done in the Lost America series (here and here), this ghostly ruin may be headed for a happy–or at least happier–ending.

This ancient house, called Menokin, dating from before the American Revolution, is intimately wrapped up in early American history. Located near Warsaw, Virginia, it was built by a family called the Tayloes–and their slaves, who didn’t get the credit of course–in 1769 on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter, Rebecca Tayloe, to a wealthy fellow called Francis Lightfoot Lee. As it turned out, Lee would be pretty important. He was a “double signer,” affixing his scrawl to two of the three U.S. founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He was a member of the Lee family from which came the Confederate Civil War general Robert E. Lee and many other illustrious Virginians.

Menokin is connected…

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