Land Art Field Trip Reflection

By Alice French – Education and Outreach Coordinator at Menokin

JULY 3, 2013

I spent the day today with Lance and Carl and their Grandmother, Frances Lively.

We learned a little bit about Francis Lightfoot Lee and his house explored the Visitor Center with a scavenger map.

Next we talked about the landscape we were in.  We talked about the importance of taking care of the land and water here too.  Next we looked at some images by land-art artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

Alice, our day at Menokin was a definite highlight of the week. My grandson did not stop talking about it and gave a full briefing to his grandfather and his parents. Your knowledge, Menokin’s story, and our walk through the house helped transport us to Francis Lightfoot Lee’s era. Thanks for a terrific adventure.

Then we went on a hike.  We looked at all the different types of plants we could identify.  We walked down the trail to Cat Point Creek.  Along the way we talked about the rolling roads and boats coming up the creek to ship merchandise down the Rappahannock River.  We identified different trees on the trail, came across a box turtle, and looked for other wild life.

After the trail hike, we took a break at the picnic tables under the trees by the House.  Here we pulled out some maps and talked about what a watershed is. 

We walked around the house and talked about the architecture and gardens.

Finally before we were done, we made our own piece of Land Art.  The boys looked for something in the landscape and built a design inside a tree trunk with walnuts which had fallen to the ground.  The first design followed the swirling pattern of the tree trunk.  The second one filled up the entire trunk and topped it off with a feather found lying on the ground in front of the house.

It was hot!  But we had a lot of fun!  And remembered that tomorrow we are celebrating the fact that Francis Lightfoot Lee, would be signing the Declaration of Independence.

Go Frank!

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