The Dance of the Dung Beetle

IMG_4058Really, I thought these guys only lived in Africa. But in all truth, I have never really done much research on dung beetles, or how they carry out their business.

However, while taking a walk recently, this rather large object moving across my path caught my eye, so I moved closer to investigate. And what I saw was this massive dinosaur-sized beetle, rolling what looked to be a ball of poop. Backwards.

I immediately grabbed my phone to record what I was sure was a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon in the Northern Neck.

Not knowing what it was exactly, I started with dung beetle because of the whole poop ball aspect of the situation.


So I did a little reading and found an hilarious video about dung beetles on You Tube, which explained a lot of what my dung beetle was up to. So in case you have never seen a dung beetle in action, check out my video. And be sure to watch the You Tube video too, because in spite its lighthearted presentation, there’s a lot of good info in there, too.

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