The Play’s The Thing

They’re baaaaaack……….


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The 4th and 5th grades classes from Aylett Country Day School took a field trip to Menokin this week for a day full of history, hiking, learning and playing. Specifically plays. With puppets. And scripts adapted from the storylines in the much loved The Lees of Menokin by Virginia author Suzanne Semsch.

Menokin’s Outreach and Education Coordinator, Alice French, got the show rolling by introducing the cast of characters:


Volunteers were chosen from the audience to participate in the show. Even though there was no coercion involved (we promised), these kids look a little worried about what’s to come.


Character assignments are made from left to right and Mrs. French explains how to make the puppets come alive and when.

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After the first show was over, the classes broke up into groups of four or five students each, and scripts were distributed for read-through and character development. Each group used a cast of paper puppets to help tell the story.These kids took this assignment very seriously and gave Oscar-winning interpretations of their characters.

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We really enjoyed having these great kids spend the day with us at Menokin. If you’d like to plan a field trip for your school group, please email us at for information.

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