History on the Go: Making history come alive in our schools

Virginia is steeped in history, much of it originating in the Northern Neck. Yet the reality of our locals schools means bare-bones budgets, and few or no field trips for students to learn about and explore the myriad historic venues right here in their back yards. Enter History on the Go. This local program provides regional … Continue reading History on the Go: Making history come alive in our schools

A Match Made in Heaven – Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School and Menokin

In spite of the pristine scenery and recreation – not to mention the tranquil lifestyle afforded by living on the Northern Neck – this geographical area, along with the Middle Peninsula counties across the Rappahannock River are under-served in many ways. The rural, agrarian economy means incomes – and tax revenues – are lower than … Continue reading A Match Made in Heaven – Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School and Menokin

Girls Rockin’ Science at Menokin

Last week, the 6th grade class of Westmoreland County Middle School visited Menokin as part of the TOTS (Think Outside The Sink) program. TOTS is one of several programs that make up the Meaningful Watershed Experience Program that is a joint venture between several natural resource conservation projects in the Northern Neck. The class divided … Continue reading Girls Rockin’ Science at Menokin

Dominion Energizing Communities at Menokin

The Menokin Foundation would like to extend our thanks to the Dominion Foundation, Friends of the Rappahannock, and Wood Preservers, for their support to make Menokin a more engaging learning center. The Menokin Foundation and Friends of the Rappahannock recently received a grant of $2,500 from Dominion as part of their Energizing Communities initiative. This … Continue reading Dominion Energizing Communities at Menokin

“Intern”pretations: Eliza Carr-Schmidt

The Menokin staff would like to thank Eliza, who took on the daunting task of sifting through boxes and boxes of artifacts extracted from archaeological digs at Menokin over the last 13 years, and photographing them for use in an upcoming exhibit. Her work is exceptional and we are so pleased with the final images! Eliza is a rising … Continue reading “Intern”pretations: Eliza Carr-Schmidt

Smashing Glass Tour!

BY: ALICE FRENCH On June 13th, Mrs. Smith’s 11th Grade Advanced Placement History  class from Richmond County High School visited Menokin as guinea pigs to test out a new tour style being developed here: a Smashing Glass Tour! The students participated in a dynamic tour which integrated the use of smart phone technology, social media, and … Continue reading Smashing Glass Tour!

Menokin Offers Education Building Blocks (Literally!)

BY:  ALICE FRENCH Earlier in June, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders from Aylett Country Day School came to Menokin with their teachers, Mrs. Katona and Ms. Brooks.  While here they hiked down to Cat Point Creek and learned about the wildlife which lives in the Rappahannock River Valley Watershed. After the trail hike we went … Continue reading Menokin Offers Education Building Blocks (Literally!)

Local Non-Profits Featured in Art Exhibit

BY: Alice French, Menokin Education and Outreach A new art exhibit was revealed on Friday, June 17th in Richmond County. VilDon Edutainment organized the installation at the Warsaw Main Street Park to acknowledge the many non-profits in Richmond County and celebrate their missions in our community. VilDon owners Vesa Alejandro and DJ Jackson created this educational … Continue reading Local Non-Profits Featured in Art Exhibit

Menokin Eco Tour

Guest Blogger: Alice French, Director of Education and Outreach With the opening of our new road and kayak launch, Menokin has been partnering with regional schools and environmental institutions to bring attention to what a wonderful place Cat Point Creek is. One of the most recent programs here was developed by students from St. Margaret’s … Continue reading Menokin Eco Tour