The Menokin Project at William & Mary

On Friday, September 18th, the Menokin Foundation hosted its second guest lecture at William & Mary’s Earl Gregg Swem Library. The first lecture of the series was on the archaeology of Menokin, featuring Dr. David Brown and Thane Harpole from DATA Investigation as guest speakers.

A capacity crowd came to hear speaker Sarah Pope, Class of '90.
A capacity crowd came to hear speaker Sarah Pope, Class of ’90.

This past Friday, Sarah Pope talked about the Menokin Glass Project, and photographer and Menokin board member, Hullie Moore, talked about his photos taken of Menokin. Friday’s lecture saw a capacity-filled room as guests listened to the preconstruction work that has been done at Menokin this summer and learned of the vision for the next few years.

The lecture series is in conjunction with the Menokin Project exhibit currently on display through October 6th in the Botetourt Gallery of Earl Gregg Swem Library. (More information on the exhibit can be found on the Swem Library website.) Prior to coming to William & Mary, this exhibit was on display at the Octagon House in Washington, DC. The debut of this exhibit on the Menokin Project was earlier in 2014 in Boston where the lead architecture firm developing the glass concept for Menokin – Machado Silvetti – is based.

The Menokin Project exhibit featured a combination of photography and an exhibition on the work of the Menokin Foundation and its innovative approach to the rehabilitation and interpretation of Menokin.

Former law school classmates, Moore gave a personal tour of his photos to Pres. Reveley.
Former law school classmates, Moore gave a personal tour of his photos to Pres. Reveley.

The photography portion of the exhibit, “Through Their Eyes: A Photographic Journey” was an artistic journey through the camera lenses of two photographers — Frances Benjamin Johnston and Hullihen (Hullie) Williams Moore. This collection spans over eight decades of Menokin’s history, as well as the changes in technique and the advancements in photo-technology from 1930 to 2014.

L/R: Helen Murphy, Sarah Pope (Menokin Executive Director and Class of '90), Hannah Rennolds (Class of 2017) and Penelope Saffer.
L/R: Helen Murphy, Sarah Pope (Menokin Executive Director and Class of ’90), Hannah Rennolds (Class of 2017) and Penelope Saffer.

Special thanks to Menokin’s past and present board members who attended the lecture on Friday, including: Helen and Tayloe Murphy, Hullie Moore, and Penelope Saffer. Special guests also included an appearance by William & Mary’s President, Taylor Reveley, the Dean of Swem Library, Carrie Cooper, Smithfield’s Charles Griffith, Joanne Berkley of Norfolk, and many others from around the Williamsburg and Northern Neck communities.

The Menokin Project exhibit will continue to travel to other regions following William & Mary. More information on the next location and lectures associated with the exhibit will be shared soon. A book featuring the photography in the exhibit is available on our Shop page.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the exhibit, please let us know: 804-333-1776 or

Historic Trades Carpentry Workshop

Conservation at Menokin

October 9-10, 2015

Printable Registration Brochure
Printable Registration Brochure


Students will learn about material preparation and historic precedent: hewing, sawing, riving building materials.

Students will have an opportunity to rive and dress shingles, lath. Students will learn about layout of timber framing, will use traditional chalk line, squares, chisels, saws, mallets and augers to cut mortise and tenon joints, and will assemble some framing.

Students will learn about joinery, and see a demonstration of the bench work of the joiner’s trade. Students will have an opportunity to work with planes, layout tools, chisels and mallets, rulers and gauges, and try their hand at making simple moldings.

We will provide all materials and tools. If students wish, they are welcome to bring any personal antique tools with them they would like to talk or learn about.


Matt Webster is Director of the Grainger Department of Architectural Preservation for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  He oversees the preservation of over 590 original and reconstructed structures in Williamsburg’s Historic Area.  Matt previously served as director of Preservation at Drayton Hall in South Carolina, as well as Director of Restoration at Kenmore in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Garland Wood as master carpenter leads Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Trades carpenters. Over the last thirty years this team of tradesmen and women have made the materials and framed and finished over 40 buildings in Williamsburg’s Historic Area, while presenting the trade to the curious public.

Ted Boscano is a journeyman joiner at Colonial Williamsburg, having first trained under Garland Wood as an apprentice carpenter. Ted’s interest in finish work led him to pursue bench work, and he now leads the Williamsburg’s Historic Trades joiner shop in the traditional production of  windows and doors, molding and furniture.


FRIDAY – October 9

  • Arrival and check in: 8:30 – 8:55 AM
  • Workshop starts: 9:00 AM
  • Lunch break: 12:30 – 1:00 PM  (A light lunch is provided
  • Workshop ends: 5:00 PM

SATURDAY – October 10

  • Menokin VC opens: 7:45 AM
  • Workshop starts: 8:00 AM
  •  Workshop ends: 12:30 PM


Pre-register for Historic Trades/Carpentry Workshop

October 9 – 10,  2015

Menokin Foundation, Warsaw, VA

Very hands-on and interactive course work; instruction and techniques will be covered for the following:

• Shingle making
• Chopping mortises
• Making tenons
• Peg making/drawboring
• Planing
• Using molding planes
• Discussion of paneling work, sashes and doors
• And more!

About The Instructors

Matt Webster
Historic Preservation Architect

Garland Wood
Master Carpenter

Ted Boscano
Joiner and Carpenter




By pre-registering, you are expressing an interest in attending the workshop and would like to receive detailed information when it is available. Pre-registration is not binding in any way.