Menokin Illuminated – Join Us For Winterfest

Due to the snow, rain and general unpleasantness currently happening in the out-of-doors, we have decided that it’s best to cancel our event. Our apologies to marshmallow and moonlight lovers everywhere. ❤


The Northern Neck Tourism Commission has organized Winterfest – a winter weekend of events taking place from Valentine’s Day, Friday Feb. 14th to President’s Day, Monday Feb. 17th.

Spend the weekend making memories in the historic Norther Neck of Virginia. And be sure to add Menokin Illuminated to your itinerary. February 14th hosts a full moon. If you have never experienced a night sky away from the city lights, you’re in for a treat.

Menokin is going to be illuminated from within for a picturesque winter night view from 6-8pm.  Visitors can drive by and view the house or take a brisk stroll under the full moon.  Meanwhile, over by the Visitor Center, a bonfire will be ablaze for roasting marshmallows, sharing kisses (the chocolate kind) and hot drinks.

See you soon!

Ruins, Memory, and The Imagination: Menokin Revealed


An Exhibition of the
Harvard Graduate School of Design Projects
at the Virginia Center for Architecture

In the spring of 2013, architecture professor Jorge Silvetti led twelve Harvard Graduate School of Design students through an exploration of the complex design and interpretive questions surrounding the c. 1769 Menokin site.

Discover the students’ innovative solutions for the evocative crumbling ruins and surrounding landscape at this 500-acre site in Virginia’s Northern Neck.

This exhibit will feature images of the final concept presentations of the students of the spring studio course. Curated by Jorge Silvetti, the show will feature graphics designed by Carmine D’Alessandro and custom exhibit panels designed and produced by Forrest French.

Visitors will be introduced to the exhibition with an overview of The Menokin Project, putting the work of the students into context of the revolutionary thinking that Menokin inspires. It’s easy to understand that inspiration when reading the observations of the students during their time here…

From the presentation of Alex Watchman.
From the presentation of Alex Watchman.
From the presentation of Carmine
From the presentation of Carmine D’Alessandro

Bios of the students and descriptions of the Design Program at Harvard in which they participate will also be highlighted.

The exhibit will run from January 30th until April 27th at the Virginia Center for Architecture in Richmond, VA.